US Secretary of State: Ukraine succeeds, Russia fails

Russia is failing to win in Ukraine, said US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, DPA reported.

“As for Russia’s military goals – Russia is failing, Ukraine is succeeding,” he said when he arrived in Poland after visiting Ukraine yesterday.

According to him, Russia’s goal is to take away Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence, but it has failed to do so despite attacks that have lasted more than two months. According to him, the Russian army has not lived up to expectations, and Russia’s economy is severely affected by Western sanctions.

“We do not know how the war will develop further, but we know for sure that a sovereign, independent Ukraine will continue to exist for much longer than Vladimir Putin is on the scene,” Blinken said.

Earlier today, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said Ukraine could win the war with Russia if it had better weapons.

Austin and Blinken visited Kyiv yesterday. This was the first visit of American leaders to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion, AFP reported, citing US officials.

During their visit, the two announced that the US diplomatic presence would gradually return to Kyiv. It was also announced that Ukraine would receive direct and indirect military aid worth more than $ 320 million. Another $ 400 million will go to other NATO members.

The new funding is different from previous US aid to Ukraine – it does not include weapons from US military depots, but the money that countries can use to buy the weapons they need.
In addition, Washington has approved the sale of $ 165 million worth of ammunition.

They are not made in the United States and are compatible with Soviet-era weapons used in Ukraine, the AP notes. The total amount of US military aid to Ukraine since the invasion has reached $ 3.7 billion. According to him, this practice does not help the search for a diplomatic solution to regulate the situation in Ukraine.

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