United States is allocating a symbolic resource for Ukraine

Especially for those who accuse me of uploading mocking material about the American president and generally “smashing liberals right now” while there is a war in Europe.

The United States spent just over $ 2.3 trillion on the war in Afghanistan: $ 2,300,000,000,000. There were years when around 2011/2012 tens of billions were spent per month.

That’s $ 300 million a day for 20 years.

In 2 months of the war in Ukraine, the United States has spent just over $ 3 billion. There is a decision of the Congress to spend another 13 but within the “next months”. That is, several billion a month against Putin, and tens of billions, at times hundreds of billions a month, against the Taliban.

You who grumble that it was not the time to “smash Western liberalism” – you don’t like Russia, do you? You hate her, even. Do you want her to fail? Well, it was the war in Ukraine that could have been turned into her graveyard. The Conservatives in Warsaw, who have also been blaspheming for years, have understood this and are pouring everything they can into Ukraine. But it was the United States that could most definitely take advantage of Putin’s trap and bury him there. To pour out such an unprecedented amount of money and equipment that Ukraine will become a mine on which Russia has set foot. And that wouldn’t be a big deal for the United States and its budget at all, judging by the historic TWENTY years of pouring $ 300 million a day into Afghanistan. (Let’s not forget that at the same time they poured even more into Iraq)

Why, however, does this not happen? Why is the United States missing out on the historic opportunity to do this to Russia? Why spend a symbolic resource against the Kremlin in Ukraine, after spending dozens of times more against some mountain shepherds?

Well, it’s because of the old man I’m making fun of, and you don’t like it. Because of his administration, his vice president, all the liberalism that took power in the United States and missed the historic opportunity to make Ukraine fatal for Putin. Because of their incompetence, indecision, severe corruption, nepotism, and purely liberal, postmodern shortcomings. Because of everything that has been slowly but surely killing the West since its liberal transformation.

Therefore, there is no moment that is more appropriate and urgent for “smashing Western liberalism” than now. The moment when this liberality misses a historic opportunity and the price of this is paid by the Ukrainians.

Sanctions against Russia do not lead to peace

Sanctions against Russia are not a way to achieve peace, Argentina will not take such action. “Announcing sanctions and blockades is not a productive way to achieve peace, dialogue and diplomatic negotiations,” Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero said in an interview with Argentina’s Telam news agency.

“Argentina is calling on the countries for dialogue,” Cafiero added. He added that there is no legal framework for imposing unilateral sanctions in Argentina today. “There is a law that forbids this,” the minister said.

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