New sanctions against Russia after the atrocities in Bucha. Moscow denies the allegations

The mayor of the recently liberated Ukrainian city of Bucha has accused Russian troops of deliberately killing civilians during a month-long occupation – allegations denied by the Russian Defense Ministry.

Anatoly Fedoruk showed a Reuters team two bodies with a white cloth tied around their arms. According to him, this is the handwriting of the fighters from Chechnya – a republic in southern Russia, which sent fighters to Ukraine in support of Russian forces, informs BTA.

Russia’s Defense Ministry yesterday called “provocation” the photos, which allegedly show crimes committed by Russian forces.

“Every war has some rules for the treatment of civilians. The Russians have shown that they are deliberately killing civilians,” Fedoruk said. According to him, more than 300 residents of the city were killed.

Reuters notes that it cannot verify the truth of his claims.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said yesterday that Western countries would agree in the coming days to impose more sanctions on Russia after Ukraine accused Russian troops of committing war crimes near Kyiv, DPA and Reuters reported.

“In the next few days, we will agree on further action by the allies,” Scholz told reporters in the chancellery, without giving details of what the new sanctions could include.

He said Russian President Vladimir Putin and his supporters would suffer the consequences of their actions.

“And we will continue to supply Ukraine with weapons so that it can defend itself against the Russian invasion,” he said.

“Killing civilians is a war crime,” the chancellor said.

“We must relentlessly investigate the crimes committed by the Russian army,” Scholz said.

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said the European Union should consider stopping imports of Russian gas.

Russia, meanwhile, has called a meeting of the UN Security Council over “hateful provocations” it says was carried out by Ukraine in the city of Bucha, AFP reported.

“Following the hated provocations of Ukrainian radicals in Bucha, Russia has requested a meeting of the Security Council on Monday (April 4th),” Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky wrote on Twitter.

Moscow denies killing civilians and considers the Bucha case a staging.

Charles Michel calls killing of civilians in Bucha “massacre”

European Council President Charles Michel described the actions of the Russian army in Bucha as a “massacre”. The suburbs of Kyiv were under Russian control until three days ago. After the Ukrainian side regained the entire region around Kyiv, shocking revelations were made – at least 20 bodies of civilians were found on the streets of the city – some of them with their hands tied. A mass grave with at least 300 people is also reported, BNT reported.

“I am shocked by the images of atrocities committed by the Russian army in the liberated area of ​​Kyiv. A massacre took place in Bucha. #BuchaMassacre,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borel wrote on Twitter.

“The EU is assisting #Ukraine and NGOs in gathering the necessary evidence for the prosecution in international courts. Additional sanctions and EU support are forthcoming. Glory to Ukraine!” Charles Michel added in a post on the social network.

“I am appalled by reports of indescribable terror in the areas from which Russia is withdrawing. An independent investigation is urgently needed. The perpetrators of war crimes will be brought to justice,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

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