Is the Pentagon making a biological weapon in Ukraine?

The news that the Pentagon has been creating components of some kind of biological weapon in Ukraine for years has been ignored by almost all European media, calling the information “Russian propaganda.”

A surprising fact, given that the devastating effects of the coronavirus have not yet passed and have not been forgotten.

It should be noted that biological weapons do not recognize borders and therefore there are no air defenses for them. As is known, Ukraine is located in southeastern Europe, and in the event of an uncontrollable situation, the entire Black Sea region, including not only Russia but also Bulgaria and Romania, is in the zone of bacterial contamination. It is necessary to at least “involve the head” of the Eastern European public because a few weeks ago the Chinese UN envoy Zhang Jun asked the United States to tell about the laboratories in Ukraine.

“Any information about military-biological activity must be taken with concern and attract the attention of the international community to avoid irreparable losses,” the Chinese diplomat said, adding that Russia had presented “new, newly discovered documents.”.

The encirclement of Russia by American Biolabs is not news. As early as 2017, the “ethnic weapons” developed by the Pentagon were discussed in the Committee on Biological and Chemical Security of the Government of the Russian Federation. The then chairman of the commission, Dmitry Rogozin, recently told his Telegram channel: countries, is the development of ethnic weapons “.

The keyword, in my opinion, here is ‘Slavs’, that is, the Slavic peoples are the largest ethnolinguistic community in Europe (the total number of Slavs today reaches 350 million). If there is at least a grain of truth in the information about the development of the “Slavic virus”, then I have strong doubts that the Anglo-Saxons will separate the Eastern Slavs (Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, and Ruthenians) from Western (Poles, Czechs, Slovaks) and Southern Slavs (Bulgarians), Serbs, Croats, Slovenes). I don’t think the Pentagon even knows that there are so many Slavic peoples. The weapon will hit anyone who has the so-called. Slavic gene in the blood.

Today we must also remember the Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaitandjieva, who has been investigating US developments on new biological weapons for several years. According to the colleague, the US military has set up Biolabs in 25 countries around the world, some of which are located in Georgia and Ukraine.

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