Denmark has frozen $ 11.8 million in Russian assets

Danish authorities have frozen the assets of Russian citizens totaling 80 million kroner ($ 11.8 million) since sanctions were imposed on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

This was reported by TASS, citing Danish radio, which quoted official documents.

The frozen assets include 10,000 tonnes of steel worth about 50m kroner, belonging to Severgroup CEO Alexei Mordashov.

The assets in Danish and foreign currency worth 30 million kroons, belonging to the beneficiary of the international fertilizer producer Eurochim and the coal and energy company SUEK Andrei Melnichenko, have also been frozen, the agency added, quoted by BTA.

5000 kroner (about 740 dollars) of the director of “Aeroflot” Mikhail Poluboyarinov, as well as 101 thousand euros of “Promsvyazbank” were also detained.

German Commerzbank reduces its assets in Russia

Germany’s Commerzbank has reduced its assets in Russia in the wake of the war in Ukraine, the DPA reported.

Commercebank’s exposure has shrunk by about 600 million euros ($ 660 million) to 1.3 billion euros ($ 1.43 billion) with the support of relevant business partners, the bank’s chief financial officer Bettina Orlop said at an industry conference. from the American bank “Morgan Stanley” (Morgan Stanley).

The institution is working on a plan to further reduce insecurity for its business in Russia, Orlop said.

On March 1, Commerzbank identified as risky its assets in Russia, amounting to a net value of 1.9 billion euros – including those related mainly to pre-financing for the export of raw materials, about 600 million euros.

Greece is also freezing the assets of Russian citizens

Greece has begun to freeze the assets of Russian citizens included in the international list sent to all EU countries, Kathimerini reported, citing its sources.

The list includes 870 Russian citizens who own property – movable and immovable and operate in the United States and the EU. The document is aimed at the relevant authorities in Athens, which deal with the issue of money laundering, the publication reports, quoted by BTA.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, the Greek authorities have been in constant contact with international institutions to track the assets of specific Russian citizens who need to be frozen in Greece.

Procedures have already been launched for properties in the southern suburbs of the capital, Athens, and on Greek islands, and bank accounts have been blocked. At the moment, the sanctions affect a small number of Russian citizens.

Currently, the list of sanctioned Russian citizens is constantly updated by each EU member state, and Greece is also participating in its update.

Britain freezes the assets of Roman Abramovich and six other Russian oligarchs

Britain said today it had imposed a freeze on the assets of Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich, as well as six other Russian businessmen.

The country adds individuals to the list of sanctions for their ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Their total net worth is about 15 billion pounds, Reuters reported.

“There can be no heaven for those who supported Putin’s brutal attack on Ukraine,” said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “Today’s sanctions are the latest step in the United Kingdom’s unwavering support for the Ukrainian people. “We will be ruthless in persecuting those who allow the killing of civilians, the destruction of hospitals, and the illegal occupation of sovereign allies,” he added.

Besides Abramovich, the list also includes the following people:

Igor Sechin – Chief Executive Officer of the state energy company Rosneft
Dmitry Lebedev – Chairman of Russia Bank
Alexei Miller – Executive Director of Gazprom
Andrey Kostin – Chairman of VTB Bank
Nikola Tokarev – President of Transneft
Oleg Deripaska – owner of shares in En + Group
In February, the football boss said he had transferred management to Chelsea to a charity affiliated with the club. In early March, he announced that he had made the “difficult decision” to sell the team, and the proceeds from the sale would be donated to victims of the war in Ukraine. Abramovich has owned Chelsea since 2003.

Earlier, his spokesman confirmed that at the invitation of Kyiv, he was trying to help end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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