Cyprus wants rapid repatriation of illegal migrants

Cyprus wants to speed up the repatriation of illegal migrants, the online edition of the Cypriot newspaper Filelefteros reported.

The topic will be among those discussed at a government meeting chaired by President Nikos Anastasiadis, which will take place today and will focus on migration policy.

In recent years, Cyprus has seen an increase in migration flows. Indicative of the situation is the data on asylum seekers. If in the first three months of 2021 asylum applications were 1631, in the same period this year they were 5500. Data show that 90 percent of migrants arrive in the southern part of the island from the north, passing through the buffer zone.

To curb the flow of migrants, the government plans to build a wire fence along the dividing line, install video surveillance cameras and set up a specialized team to locate migrants trying to cross from the north to the south of the island.

There has been some progress on the repatriation of migrants, as the number has increased this year. However, the intervention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required, which will sign agreements for the return of foreign citizens to their homeland.

Moscow wants to open a bureau for Russian citizens in northern Cyprus

Russia wants to open a serviced office for its citizens in the Ankara-only Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Cypriot media reported

Yesterday, the Cypriot newspaper Kathimerini reported that Moscow plans to open a consulate in northern Cyprus. According to the publication in January 2021, Russia has requested the opening of a consular center in northern Cyprus.

There are currently 15,000 Russians living in the northern part of the island, but the war in Ukraine is expected to increase, the paper said.

Russia’s ambassador to the Republic of Cyprus, Stanislav Osachi, has denied reports that it was a consular post.

According to a Philelefteros publication, Moscow wants to open a service center for Russian citizens modeled on Britain, Britain, and Germany.

Greece has rescued 28 migrants in a boat north of Rhodes

Twenty-eight foreign nationals (14 Syrians, 7 Palestinians, and 7 Yemenis) were rescued by a wrecked boat north of the Greek island of Rhodes and transferred to the island’s port.

The boat was discovered by a cargo ship that took the migrants on board. The foreign nationals were later transferred to a fishing boat that took them to the port of Rhodes.

Greek Air Force vessels and a helicopter stationed in the area have joined the rescue operation.

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