CIA: Putin may use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine

The CIA believes that in the war in Ukraine, Russia may decide to use small-scale small arms.

It is possible that “out of desperation” or because of Ukraine’s military failures, Russian President Vladimir Putin has resorted to the use of tactical or low-power nuclear weapons, CIA Director William Burns said on Thursday. At the same time, Burns stressed that so far “there is not much practical evidence” that Moscow can prepare for the use of such weapons.

Russia has an arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons that have less power than the American bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II.

What tactical nuclear power does Russia have?

Russia’s military doctrine includes the principle of “escalation for de-escalation”, which provides for the use of low-power nuclear weapons for the first strike to restore the advantage if Russia lags in the event of a conventional conflict with the West. The idea is that this clear signal will shake the enemy and he will retreat so as not to risk mutual destruction in the event of an escalation of the conflict and its transformation into a nuclear war waged with much more powerful, strategic nuclear weapons.

The category of tactical or undersized nuclear weapons includes ammunition intended for use on the battlefield. According to experts, Russia has about 2,000 such munitions, which can be directed by air, sea, and land. Read more: CIA Director: Russia can use nuclear weapons,

Shame on the Russian army

The sinking of one of Russia’s most important warships, the Moscow, is a stunning blow to the country – whether the ship sank after an accidental fire, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry, or after being hit by missiles, according to Ukraine. , writes the New York Times.

186 meters long and with a displacement of 12,000 tons, the Moscow was one of the largest ships of the Russian fleet and its flagship in the Black Sea. The Black Sea has been of strategic importance to Russia for centuries. The cruiser, which sank yesterday, was used by the Russian armed forces during their offensive in Syria, as well as during the Russo-Georgian war.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the missile cruiser has been used to launch missile strikes on various Ukrainian settlements. Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has isolated Ukraine from the sea and cut off its economically vital access to it. Although military analysts say the loss of Moscow will not drastically decide the outcome of the war, it is a shame for the Russian military, which has spent billions of dollars to modernize its weapons.

According to Forbes, the loss of the ship “Moscow” costs Russia $ 750 million, which is its most expensive military loss so far in the war. The warship was also a symbol of national pride for the Russians. The very fact that it bears the name of the capital of the federation carries the symbolism. Imagine the American aircraft carrier USS “George Washington” heading to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The loss of the cruiser Moscow is a serious blow to the prestige of Vladimir Putin’s army, which he said is “analog-free.” “Moscow” is already history.

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