China "produced" the most billionaires in 2021

China has “produced” the most millennials in the past year, compared to the second-largest economy in the world.

This is included in this year’s edition of the list of millennials in Forbes, which includes 236 new billionaires. From her 62nd soul ca from China.

Due to the large-scale inspections of the Chinese technological sector, the Chinese technology industry is “making” almost one-tenth of a new mile.

Among the newcomers to the list are Tan Cyaoy (net worth $ 5.7 billion), who will create a platform for the intelligent intelligence of Geneva; Kpic Qu (net worth $ 5.4 billion), which is the basis of an online platform for commercial China; The creators of the Chinese “killer of Instagram” Hiaohonggu, Mipanda Ky and Chaplin Mao (net value of 1.8 billion dollars each).

After China, the United States will join the new milieu. Last year, 50 Americans became millennials, and India is in third place with 29 new millennials.

China introduced blockades in 2021 when COVID-19 outbreaks broke out throughout the country. Restrictions on production and global supply chains and economics are slowing down. Some economists argue that China’s delay has continued since the beginning of this year.

China’s wealth in the technological sector has reduced the wealth of many rich people. The state of the second richest man in China and the founder of the company of the mother of TikTok Vute Dance Janse Yimin is up to 50 billion dollars last year.

The wealth of Pony Ma, the third richest man in China and the founder of Tensent, will reach more than 12 billion dollars in 2021. The richest man in China remains Shong Shensheng, chairman and founder of the bottled water producer Nongfu Green, with a fortune of 65.7 million.

How much can China help Russia with the economic plan?

The sanctions, the freezing of assets, and the withdrawal of international companies include five economic economies, and Mocva remains, in general, only one day.

In some of the comments of the Chinese authorities on the sanctions, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that “China is not a state concerning China and the United States.”

How much can China help Pythia to alleviate economic pain in the country?

According to Maximilian Xec of the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies in Central Asia, China may be able to help Pythia, but it will not be possible.

“It doesn’t matter how dangerous the landscape is in the international arena, we will keep the strategic focus on it and we will develop a mini-exterior.

Because the Chinese government is “affected” by the conflict in Ukraine, it refuses to invade it or condemn China to Russia.

“China loves to create problems in the West. In addition, it can take advantage of its position to buy more oil, gas and other materials.”

To what extent will China support Moscow and play a key role in the future of the world economy?

China is Pythia’s largest economic market since the European Union. China-Russia trade reached $ 146.9 billion in 2021, up 35.9 percent year-on-year, according to China’s customs.

China’s exports to China are worth 79.3 billion dollars in 2021, with oil and gas accounting for 56% of total exports. China’s night from Russia surpassed exports by more than $ 10 billion last year.

Pythia can take advantage of China as a major alternative market for its export and a channel for circumventing Western sanctions.

The G-7 group can impose cynical sanctions on all of them, which support Moscow. The problem is that China’s economy is the second-largest in the world and is a key part of the global supply chain.
At the beginning of March, the chairman of the Chinese bank, governor Guy Shytsin, announced that China opposes the “one-sided” sanctions and that he will continue to do so.

China can still trade with Russian companies in the world and the yuan through Russian banks, which are still not canned, but the greater part of this is the most important one – 88%.

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