Biden wants a 3-month "tax holiday" for fuels

US President Joe Biden has called on Congress to pass legislation that would allow for a three-month “tax holiday” on US fuels.

This is another attempt by the Biden administration to lower fuel prices, NBC reported.

The vacation will reduce by 18 cents a gallon of gas and by 24 cents of diesel at the moment when the summer season begins with people’s travels. The legislation will cost the US budget approximately $ 10 billion.

“I fully understand that the fuel tax holiday alone will not solve the problem,” Biden said in a White House statement. “But it will provide families with some immediate relief, give them little room to breathe, so we continue to work to reduce prices in the long run.”

Biden has asked Congress to make the necessary legal changes without harming the highway repair fund, which receives its fuel tax revenues. Many lawmakers, mostly Republicans, have cited the fund as a reason they would not support a fuel tax holiday.

Biden called on companies to increase refining capacity to reduce prices in the long run, and on gas station operators to come up with ways to reduce prices.

“These are not normal times, lower the price,” Biden urged. “Do it now. Do it today, your customers, the American people, they need relief now.”

The Biden administration will face a tough battle to win support for the proposal in Congress after many Republicans have already spoken out against the plan.

Lavrov: EU and NATO form coalition for war with Russia

The European Union and NATO have formed a coalition to fight Russia said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“When World War II began, Germany gathered under its banner a significant part, if not the largest, of European countries for war against the Soviet Union. Now it’s the same – the EU and NATO are assembling just such a modern coalition to fight, and most likely and for a war with Russia. We will monitor all this very closely, “he said.

According to the Minister, the political line of the European Union confirms his unwillingness to strive for the creation of a single space from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and to implement the agreement with Russia on the development of the common space in the humanitarian, economic and security fields. Minister.

“The European Union proves that it does not want any unifying tendencies in Europe, that it does not fulfill and does not intend to fulfill the existing agreements between Russia and the EU countries on the development of common territories in the field of economy, humanitarian and internal security. to carry out these tasks, which were formulated following the lofty goals of creating a common space from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Everything is behind us, everything is in the past, “he said.

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