Biden pushes Xi Jinping into Putin's arms

The United States is pushing China toward rapprochement with Russia amid the war in Ukraine and the deepening feud between Washington and Beijing, Britain’s Daily Express reported.

The publication recalls that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has increased tensions with Beijing, expressing concerns about human rights violations in China.

In a statement to the press some time ago, Blinken said the United States was “deeply concerned about China’s actions, including in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, cyberattacks against the United States and economic coercion against our allies,” the paper said.

All of this comes amid China’s deepening feud with Washington and record-high levels of negative perceptions of Beijing since the pandemic.

Former French Ambassador to Beijing and Moscow Sylvie Berman says the situation has left Xi Jinping with no choice but to get closer to Vladimir Putin.

Speaking to the French television channel Public Sénat, Sylvie Berman said:

“He has no choice because the Americans have declared a kind of Cold War against China, saying that Beijing is the main enemy. And the result – and I saw it when I was ambassador to Russia – is that there is a rapprochement that has been achieved, a strategic partnership. . ”

“This is not a union, because the Chinese do not want a union, they have had one in the past. And indeed, during the Olympics, Xi Jinping said – this is a partnership without restrictions,” Berman said.

“And despite warnings that we should not allow the Russians into China’s arms, this eventually happened. This partnership comes at a time when Putin is waging war in Ukraine, where the West is backing Kyiv with arms and military aid, even though it is not involved. directly in the conflict because of his fear of the outbreak of a full-scale World War III “, explains the former ambassador.

“In principle, the enemy of my enemy is my friend” Xi Jinping knows very well that in any case, he will be a victim – at least he perceives it that way – of Western initiatives, at the UN or elsewhere, he will need the support of Moscow, “Berman explains

“After Putin invaded Ukraine, China’s position is rather vague. Beijing abstained from voting on a draft Security Council resolution calling on Moscow to stop attacking Ukraine and withdraw all troops immediately, while 11 other members voted in favor. “, recalls Sylvie Berman.

Commenting on Xi Jinping’s position, Berman said: “I think he is very embarrassed by this war because what Putin told him is most likely what he is telling the Russians and the world – that he is launching a special military operation to help to the Russian-speaking people of Donbas who were victims of genocide, etc., etc. Putin did not tell him that he would wage a full-scale war. ”

Despite China’s apparent surprise when Putin invaded Ukraine, the former ambassador said the rapprochement between Xi Jinping and Putin had isolated the United States.

“Today they have a common enemy, and that is the United States and the West. I don’t think Xi Jinping has a choice and won’t warm relations with the Americans. He just can’t do that,” Sylvie Berman said.

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